Clash of Clans
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Clash of Clans is a strategic representative freemium games. And what is interesting is one of the most successful items in this category. It works perfectly when we do not have much time to play non-stop, and at the same time draws so much that you will want to it often. On the other hand, as most games of this type, the creeping time element repeatability, although in this case it begins to interfere with the relatively late. This is mainly due interestingly conceived of cooperation between players. Let's see how it works. At the beginning, as usual, we have a piece of land, on which we build our village. We will have to skillfully have two resources: gold and elixir, as well as crystals, which accelerate the time to completion of specific activities. As the game focuses on the conduct of warfare, let us build ourselves at the beginning of the barracks, fireplace where they will be stationed soldiers, as well as defensive elements: a wall or a cannon. Each of the buildings, military units and defense elements have several levels of development. In the game practically we can improve everything: from various types of soldiers, the improvement of gold mining or built fence. This mechanic is crucial to deal with opponents. Unfortunately, as it happens freemium model, it will often lasted for long hours. Clash of Clans starts with the running wojenek with an army of goblins. It is a kind of single player mode. Just like in the Angry Birds we will earn stars for successful conquests. While the first skirmishes are really simple and limited to throwing as many of our units on the opponent, the game sometimes makes us increasingly challenging. Successive boards are much better protected and unfortunately we charge often end in failure if we choose not adequately tactics. To make matters worse all the units that we send to fight are lost forever, even if on the battlefield have not lost health. And here we come to one of the issue. Method for managing our troops in combat. When our units born in the barracks and throw them into the fray lose control of them. We can not select individual or groups of soldiers. We have only to influence how they deploy on the map. Then they ruled by their priorities. Infantry and archers attack at random. So there is a situation they are trying to destroy mine, ignoring the fact that they are under attack cannon bullets. Other units are focused only on attacking and capturing resources, and still others hit only in the enemy defense line. With this information, you have to deploy as units and so they choose to have their priorities acted in an appropriate manner. It is therefore necessary, for example, to send a bomber to blow up a wall, throw a few strong units there, and at the same time lead on the other hand, the attack distraction cannon. In addition to the single player scenario Clash of Clans offers us the opportunity battles online. It comes down to the fact that we search for a random player and have the opportunity to attack him or to return to their own villages. You have to remember that this also works the other way, and we also may be attacked at any moment. Hence, investments in defense infrastructure. We get points for a win and a defeat (also at home) points are deducted from the general we rankings. Clash of Clans, however, offers us a second bottom after the game we will get 40,000 gold to rebuild the headquarters of the title of the clan. We can then start a new clan or join an existing one. Players within the clan can help each other, eg. By complementing units in the castle. This will help us in defense or attack. Based on the points ranking members of clans built up, which in itself drives the desire to compete. What's interesting is also the creator of shared internal, text-based chat, which can easily communicate with other players. Binding Clash of Clans is at a decent level, but it is by no means revolutionary. Isometric view, quite nice sprites - generally make a good impression. It is worth noting that after the modification of all the buildings are a visual change. The sounds are pleasing to the ear and do not cause discord teeth. Clash of Clans is the kind of freemium game type to which we are happy to come back. This does not mean that it is devoid of defects. All activities underway long hours and little shame that can not be addressed directly units on the battlefield. It should, however, several times a day to see what is happening in our clan. Is not someone you need help or not should be strengthened fortifications or attack someone. You have to convince yourself or strategy in this implementation will fall to our taste.

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